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Full of beautiful singing by divas and crooners, hilarious comedy acts, a little naughtiness from the burlesque ladies doing classic tease a-la-Gypsy Rose Lee, with a true variety and war-time entertainment feel. Join us for a rollicking good time that will make your face ache from smiling. Ages 18+



Nellie Minnelli is Australia’s Maven of Music-Hall, with a theatrical career spanning 30 years, incorporating classical dance, cabaret, musical theatre, pantomime, vaudeville, music-hall and backstage work, she has lived her life upon the stage.

Nellie has many different faces when performing. She'll send shivers down your spine with her powerful singing voice, Burlesques with a passionate European sensuality, and has audiences falling off chairs with laughter during her hilarious comic turns.

A true vaudeville variety performer with years of dedication behind her, Nellie is the embodiment of theatrical power and presence.


The Master of Ceremonies, with a dark and brooding stare and a voice that will melt your heart, he lives to bring the art of burlesque to you. He is a secret romantic who enjoys long walks on the beach and dirty limericks.

With a lifetime of performance experience, he brings pure joy to the proceedings, and he hopes that one day he will be able to prepare for a show without his current 3 hours of hair/makeup, 2 bottles of champagne and monkey butler (without whom, none of the costume changes would be possible).


Eleanora time travels to us from the glitz and glamour of the 1920's and 30's. She brings style, sophistication and sass for your enjoyment.

With a penchant for the gorgeous art-deco period, she swings and sways her way into your heart with her grace, charm and poise. Sometimes daring, sometimes sweet and cheeky, but always elegant Eleanora.


A chameleon from exotic lands, one minute frolicking, fun and flirty, and the next a dark femme fatale who will tempt you with every move.

She may captivate you with a flurry of feathered fans or titillate you with her tenacious tassel twirling. This rebellious red-head rekindles the past burlesque icons with her repertoire, and promises to captivate and thrill you.


Since the dawn of time, man has been inspired by the Muses. She is Eve in her garden of earthly delights, Venus emerging from the mother of pearl or a luscious creature swirling in a bottle of green elixir.

For 5 years Lana Lunacy has absorbed the audience into her world and brought these muses to life, casting spells over amazed crowds and leaving them breathless and spellbound. Beware, once you enter her ethereal world, you might never return...

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